Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books Review

6. COPIC MARKERS Alcohol marker pad
The Alcohol Marker Pad from Copic Markers is one of the best papers for Copic markers due to its perfect texture and favorable characteristics. My review team and I thought it was really fun to use this product because the ink resistance is high. We also appreciated the density of paper.

My review team and I found that the article was very bleeding. Unfortunately, if too much Copic ink is used, the ink leaks to the back. We found that in this case the ink did not spread very much to the outside area but leaked slightly from the opposite side.

One undervaluation showed extreme stimulation when we discovered that paper could not accommodate the movement of very high freedom. In other words, complex rework is not generally possible, but the ink colors are very well mixed. In addition, artists were impressed with the increase in brightness after the ink dried on the paper surface. The professional writers in my reviewer team found that the paperwork was too thin to be careful when designing in simple form.

7. Comic Marker Stinging Picture Paper

Copic Marker's Stamping Illustration Paper is one of the most suitable paper for Copic markers, according to most illustrators. My colleagues and I have used these papers in a two - month art class with almost all success. We have expressed satisfaction for this product because most users like us in the market are perfectly allowed to color the stamped images.

My colleagues and I have confidence in the excellent performance of this product. This is because the product supports the use of Copic markers without a lot of disruption or incompatibility. In addition, this paper is an ideal density. This proper density prevents the smallest moisture that can be wrung out of the paper. Since the document does not become corrugated, the ink of the quality marker remains on the paper surface. In spite of its thick density, we have found that it is easy to print a stamp image or color outline.

Only a small number of colleagues complained about unimportant bleeding of Copic marker ink. But they still thought it was ideal for paper to be stacked with stamping, tinting and cardstock.

8. Comic Art Paper Pack

COPIC / IMAGINATION's Copic Art Paper Pack INTERNL is one of the top-grade papers of copic markers available on the market today. These products have gained considerable popularity in a very short period of time because they may be considered somewhat brand new in the marketplace. When describing with the Copic markers, creative acquaintances and I strongly supported this product.

My acquaintances and I have discovered that this product provides users with high standard performance through Copic markers. This paper is ideal for rendering, coloring and drawing with Copic markers. This document will prevent ink from spilling out. This paper also makes it easy to mix and repaint ink colors. Only a few colleagues have had difficulty mixing these papers with the copic markers.


The comic Nat White, made by Copic Markers, is worthy of being called one of the best papers for Copic markers. Most of my users, including my illustrator friends, and I believe this product is the best because of its wide compatibility with copic markers and incredibly smooth surfaces.

My illustrator friends and I are very pleased to observe the proper thickness, absorbance and weight of the paper. This paper is thick enough to prevent tearing due to sharp pen / marker tips, as well as thin and glossy enough for use with alcohol-based inks. Because of the high water absorbency of the paper, bleeding prevention and high degree of blending are possible. It is therefore easier to re-color and make accurate stripes. The paper does not resemble cardboard in any way, but it is polished and has a high quality of expression.

Some of the friends who are independent artists and prefer to sell paper works are happy that paper is spiral and not tied to notes or notepads. They found that using this paper it was easy to sell works on a page-by-page basis. They also admired how well the surface of paper makes up the color of the ink. Still some friends reported that the sheet felt too soft and thin. They were a little disappointed with the small spills when applying heavy floors. They also have discouraged ink to find to fool after a while. Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books Review